Things that get in the way of my writing

Next week I’m finally moving back to Wellington. I’ve been living in the suburbs for just over a year now, and although it has had some big benefits- the friendliest gym, great mountain bike trails, beautiful friends and a ten minute commute to work- I miss living in the city. So next week my weekly blog post will be from another space. This week I’ve mostly been packing and working. A new term starts next week too, so I can say I have great timing. But I am excited as can be.

Some people don’t like moving. I love it. I love the packing and unpacking, the discovery and newness. My favourite is packing and unpacking my books. That always takes the longest time. Moving is like playing houses, but a grown up version. I’ve got a new garden too. So, expect tales of my new home.

What I realised when I was packing is I have books and furniture (including lots of bookcases) and not much else in between. Well, I also have heaps of gorgeous plants: leafy ones, spiky ones, prickly ones, velvety ones and beady little succulents. So the move will be heavy, books weigh a lot en masse, but sweet.

And that’s it for this week. Have fun and enjoy the sun (if you’re on this side of the planet), or enjoy the deepness of winter (if you’re on the other side).

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