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The pesky art of being an author

These blogs are about my writing, the creative process, and getting my work published. There’s posts about the things that keep me grounded and inspired: my bike, my garden, my writing group, and my darling cat who sits next to me when I write. Plus tales about my delicious dykiness, luscious lesbianity, sapphic slippiness, and how that fits in with the world of books and writing. And there’s some book reviews too.

How do you link mountain-biking with writing? (Or, Why being part of a group is fucking awesome).

There are four big reasons I love to be out on my mountain bike. The first is being outdoors. Whenever I’m asked if I’m a beach or mountains person, my answer is always I love trees and being in the woods. Add a mountain into that and I’m happy as can be. I love the… Continue reading How do you link mountain-biking with writing? (Or, Why being part of a group is fucking awesome).

Ebb and Flow

It was a bit of a beautiful hazy evening last night. Even though it’s the hot part of summer, there’s was a day of delicious rain, so the tree roots were slippy on the downhill. That reminded us what riding is like in the winter. That trail has be so easy recently, hopping and rolling… Continue reading Ebb and Flow

Book Review: ‘Jay Loves Lucy’ and ‘Not the Swiss Family Robinson’

‘Not the Swiss Family Robinson’ by Fiona Cooper. I bought this book years ago when I first fell in love with Rotary Spokes (another character by Fiona Cooper) but it’s been on my bookshelf waiting. I finally read it, a few decades later!It is well worth a read. In fact, it’s totally great if you’re… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Jay Loves Lucy’ and ‘Not the Swiss Family Robinson’

Dragon in the Moon

A dragon came to me in my sleep last night. She kissed my eyelids gently with her hot tongue and made me cry. As she dried my eyes, she gently unfolded one scarlet wing. Inside the opening, close to her body, I saw my fears, cowering like new-borns. I ran to her and picked them… Continue reading Dragon in the Moon

The Garage

I bumped into her up at the Mount Vic Lookout. At first, I didn’t recognise her.

‘It’s Jenny,’ she stated, pulling back her hair.

‘Fuck, so it is,’ I said.

‘Still swearing,’ she noted, rolling her eyes.

‘Of course,’ I smiled, instantly remembering some of the sweet little reasons we’d split up all those years before…… Continue reading The Garage

Vamping and doing it again

It is time to revamp my website. I like the colours but it needs work and much love! So, my task this next lunar cycle: sort this site out; do a nice fat edit and rewrite of my latest story drafts; and enjoy the coldest month in this season of chill. Plan!


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