Stories for you to read

Telling Tales

Here’s a selection of stories and tantalising tales. If you want to read more, let me know and I’ll post them on here.  Keep scrolling down, there’s 5 on here now.


I found out the morning after that damp night air does strange things to salt left on varnished wood. It had looked soft and grainy when I’d sprinkled it, but overnight it had become something completely different.

Using the long-handled broom, I’d attempted to sweep the salt away, but it clumped and stuck to the bristles, streaking the floor with a whitish residue. I tentatively reached out a finger and discovered it wasn’t just sticky and salty, but somehow greasy too.
Photo Dane Divine/ Art by Gwilart/ Public Mural, Lyall Bay, Wellington, NZ

Locked-down with Lindsay

‘You can stay here?’ she said as she wrapped herself around me for a snug hug.

I smiled and took a deep breath. ‘That would be amazing,’ I purred, nuzzling her neck, her body hot and soft and right there. And we began again, which sealed the deal.

By the time we’d got out of bed the world had decided it was way too late for me to go home, we were well into level 4 of the lockdown, so we ate and went back to bed.

Obviously, on reflection, I wasn’t thinking straight. My hormones were wild, my body pumped with all those delicious sex chemicals, and she was surprisingly kinky, all of which can make even the sanest woman a wee bit crazy. Plus she smelt so very good…

The Garage (taster)

I bumped into her up at the Mount Vic Lookout. At first, I didn’t recognise her.

‘It’s Kay,’ she stated, pulling back her hair.

‘Fuck, so it is,’ I said.

‘Still swearing,’ she noted, rolling her eyes.

‘Of course,’ I smiled, instantly remembering some of the sweet little reasons we’d split up all those years before…

“Fuck, I’ve scratched the car. I’m so sorry,’ I said, once the creature was off and I’d checked I hadn’t been bitten, sucked, or probed.”

From ‘Locked Down with Lindsay‘ by Dane Divine, 2020

Treading on Needles

The witch tried to warn me.

‘If you walk in his world, each step will hurt you like treading on needles and you’ll lose your tongue.’

‘But I love him,’ I replied.

‘He’s so different, princess. If he marries another, you’ll be just foam on the water.’

‘He told me, he loves me.’

She sighed so deeply, it sounded as if her heart had crumpled deep in her chest. Still she handed me the potion…

Dragon in the Moon

A dragon came to me in my sleep last night. She kissed my eyelids gently with her hot tongue and made me cry.

As she dried my eyes, she gently unfolded one scarlet wing. Inside the opening, close to her body, I saw my fears, cowering like new-borns.

I ran to her and picked them up protectively, knowing deep inside I was their mother, their charge. I held them tight as the dragon spoke to me, as she told me they had to die.

I cried then and my fears clung to me, they understood what she was saying.

The dragon smiled at me and with a gesture the size of a mountain, she unfurled her wings slowly…