Short story: Treading on Needles

You can find my reworking of The Little Mermaid in this book. My tale is called Treading on Needles. As Amazon says: ‘The book is a collection of 24 short stories celebrating a hundred years of women’ suffrage, from both established and emerging authors, all of whom have been inspired by the suffragettes and whose stories, whether set in 1918, the current day or the future, focus on the same freedoms that those women fought for so courageously.’

My story explores personal freedom and how each step we take counts. If you do read it, read the original Little Mermaid tale too. I hope the differences show how we have fought to change things but there is still much stomping to be done.

Flash Fiction: The Dragon in the Moon

I wrote this story a long time ago. It was one of those stories that I’ve always kept because it is quite magical indeed. It’s all about facing our fears.

When I saw the submission details for The Moon Magazine, I decided I would send the tale out into the big wide world and see how and it fared. They loved it and published it. You can read it here.

Micro-Flash Fiction: 6 Word Sci-Fi Story

I discovered the sci-fi journal Shoreline of Infinity a while back and subscribed to their newsletter. In one of their emails, there was a call for submissions to a competition to create a six word sci-fi story. There were just three winners, and mine got picked!

If you want to read my story (and also read a great sci-fi magazine), check out this link to Shoreline of Infinity no. 13.