Friendship, determination and fun

As you may have noticed, if you follow my Instagram or FB page, recently I’ve been utterly in love with my mountain bike. I’ve been riding a bike for years, for fun, for a burst of adrenaline and as a commuter. It’s part of who I am and what I like to do. After buying… Continue reading Friendship, determination and fun

A wee story for the lockdown: Locked Down with Lindsay

So, it goes like this- there’s a global pandemic and a third of the world’s population is under some form of lockdown or social restriction; schools are shut down, people are queuing for food, hospitals are overflowing. If I’d written this as a plot premise last September it would have been just another piece if… Continue reading A wee story for the lockdown: Locked Down with Lindsay

Things that get in the way of my writing

Next week I'm finally moving back to Wellington. I've been living in the suburbs for just over a year now, and although it has had some big benefits- the friendliest gym, great mountain bike trails, beautiful friends and a ten minute commute to work- I miss living in the city. So next week my weekly… Continue reading Things that get in the way of my writing