Things that get in the way of my writing

Next week I'm finally moving back to Wellington. I've been living in the suburbs for just over a year now, and although it has had some big benefits- the friendliest gym, great mountain bike trails, beautiful friends and a ten minute commute to work- I miss living in the city. So next week my weekly… Continue reading Things that get in the way of my writing

Notebooks, Journals and Inspiration.

Recently I've been thinking about what to focus on next. I'm getting good with creating a blog post every week and a new short story at least once a month, whilst also going back and editing and refining my previous stories. Most of the short stories are now finished, meaning I won't tinker with them… Continue reading Notebooks, Journals and Inspiration.

Peace and Love

This week my head was too fried to be able to work on any creative writing, so I stepped away and worked on the other things in my life. I reworked a whole heap of my blog posts; fixed a couple of zips on two items of clothing I wear all the time; I potted… Continue reading Peace and Love