Ebb and Flow

It was a bit of a beautiful hazy evening last night. Even though it's the hot part of summer, there's was a day of delicious rain, so the tree roots were slippy on the downhill. That reminded us what riding is like in the winter. That trail has be so easy recently, hopping and rolling… Continue reading Ebb and Flow

To self-publish or not?

Part of my list of things I want to do these next few weeks is to submit some more stories to various places. I've given myself a few weeks to do this because it involves a whole heap of time sat at my desk going through the various steps in the process. I'm currently working… Continue reading To self-publish or not?

Magic Moments

Sometimes I get caught up in the moment. The moments being momentous and not mere instances, of course. When I'm in that space it may appear like I float through a cloud of haphazardness and distraction, but I'm actually just really focused. The last few weeks my moments have been focused around getting a car… Continue reading Magic Moments