Welcome to my site

I started this website because I wanted to get my writing somewhere where people could read it. I’ve got a pile of short stories that I’d love people to read, but found keeping them in a folder on my desk is not a great way to share them. The options are getting them published or self publishing them. I always think there is also the third option- a bit of both, so that is what I’ll do. I’ll keep sending them off to open submissions and competitions and I’ll post bits of here too (Although when you self-publish it is very rare to also be accepted by another publisher! A sweet catch 22!).

At the moment I am working on four little collections of short stories and a novel. My short stories fall into four main genres: speculative fiction, horror, fairy-tale, and erotic writing. Often they are a blend of this genres, often they’re also funny, or I hope they are! Also my writing reflects who I am, so being a queer lesbo-dyke (luscious licker) often my stories are from a sapphic perspective. Sometimes the gender, sexuality or name of the protagonist is not mentioned at all. I like this because then anyone can read it, because after-all it’s being human that interests me the most.

My speculative fiction is mainly one part sci-fi, one part horror, with a thick dollop of dark humour. Sometimes I define it as sci-fi but speculative is probably the better category. My horror is mostly funny too. I can’t seem to write it without finding the funny side. My adult fairy-tales are my twist on the traditional tales. My female protagonists have a sharp edge and a sense of autonomy, which I figured is a well-needed change. I’ve also written some new fairy-tales in the old style. They’re tongue in cheek and very erotic. They are not erotica, erotica being stories about sex; rather these are erotic, stories which happen to have sex in them. Some a lot more than others.

The novel is a Gothic horror/ghost story. In most of my short stories I end up writing humour, this isn’t the plan for the novel. The premise doesn’t hint at humour and the plan doesn’t either. But time will tell.

My other little treats are a series of flash fictions about obscure fetishes. These tales blur boundaries too. They are funny, sinister little tales that will hopefully make you chuckle wickedly and never look at certain common objects in the same way again.

In all my stories, I aim to amuse and entertain, but, as Sappho wrote:

If you are squeamish

Don’t prod the
beach rubble

Sappho in The Virago Book of Wicked Verse (Edited by Jill Dawson, 1992).

Meaning, if you are easily offended, you’d best not read my stories. They’re grown up and fun.

Thank you for checking out my site, every now and then I’ll give you snippets, tasters, images and exclusives of some of my tales, because after all stories need readers and readers love to be entertained. So, keep an eye on my posts for what’s happening and what’s coming up. You can also check out my Instagram page and my Facebook writer’s page (links above). I’m on Goodreads because I love reading, and Pinterest too, it’s a great place for gathering images to feed the imagination. As for feedback, communication is a great thing, so feel free to email me your comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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