Plans for 2022: Zines and things

So a few years back I was working at an art college and saw so many fabulous creations. I tried lots of different stuff. I made some rings, a knife, some bone carvings and bone-carving tools. I found out I don’t really like working with metal. I really thought I would but it’s not me at all. But the classes I really wanted to do and never had a chance taking was the book-binding class. I did try making zines one lunch-time, but I really wasn’t in the right space for sharing my writing in that way. But now, since the Wellington Zinefest zine, well, I just want to play.

So I approached one of the ex-students I’ve been following on Instagram. I just love her style and her aesthetic. She’s started doing collage and I asked her if she’d make an image for one of my stories. She was surprised, after all we’ve never met before, I live in Wellington and she’s up in Auckland, but luckily she was keen. But then Auckland was released from lockdown and then the Christmas/summer holidays have happened, but the plan is there.

I’ve been really inspired by this potential colab and wrote a wee story about one of her images. It’s called The Blood Bloom. It’s not finished yet. It needs some rewrites and edits, but the core of it is there. So, thank you, Kelly Reichardt. Find her on Insta: @kellyreichardt_art

Image reproduced by kind permission from Kelly Reichardt.

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