Mutate and Survive: Enjoying the writing process

This week I booked myself in for a Ghost Writing 101 workshop. I’m hoping I’m past the 101 level, but I’m not past the inspiration and excitement around signing up. The flyer said I should just bring a pen and paper and/or something I’m working on. So, inspired by these words I decided to take… Continue reading Mutate and Survive: Enjoying the writing process

New Standards and Baselines

My inner critic has been pretty full on with the harassment recently. It's been telling me I don't write enough, but I’ve actually increased the amount of time I spend on my work. So what's happening? The last few months I've been working on consolidating my body of work. I've got a whole wodge of… Continue reading New Standards and Baselines

Who Said Writing is Free?: Spending time and money on scribbles

In one way writing is a pretty cheap thing to do; you just need a pencil and some paper, or even the ground and a stick. Of course things soon get pretty fancy; there’s nice journals, special pens, word processing programs, safe storage methods, then desks, offices, a room of one’s own. You know how… Continue reading Who Said Writing is Free?: Spending time and money on scribbles