Plans for 2022: Zines and things

So a few years back I was working at an art college and saw so many fabulous creations. I tried lots of different stuff. I made some rings, a knife, some bone carvings and bone-carving tools. I found out I don't really like working with metal. I really thought I would but it's not me… Continue reading Plans for 2022: Zines and things

A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Almost a month ago I moved house. The weekends and evening the month before moving were taken up with packing boxes. Since then my week days have been busy with the start of a new year at art college and my free time has been taken up with teaching two weekend classes, and settling in.… Continue reading A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Notebooks, Journals and Inspiration.

Recently I've been thinking about what to focus on next. I'm getting good with creating a blog post every week and a new short story at least once a month, whilst also going back and editing and refining my previous stories. Most of the short stories are now finished, meaning I won't tinker with them… Continue reading Notebooks, Journals and Inspiration.