52 weeks, 52 books: Things I read in 2019

So, I took the Goodreads reading challenge and decided I’d read 52 books in 2019. I will set this years as the same. Here’s the link.

52 is a lot! But then again I love reading, so as a challenge it is a bit of a cheat. Still, I did get to the end of the year and had to read some books real quick (4) to meet my challenge deadline. Some of my books have been graphic novels, and there’s a whole year’s worth of 2000ADs and Judge Dredd: The Megazine that I never include but those are essential stories for my brain. A gorgeous mix of sci-fi and horror every week or a little stack of comics when I don’t have time to pick them up. (I have the best ever newsagent, she saves them for me if I don’t make it in for a month or two. And she’s always happy. She’s great.) The other books I read were neo noir, Gothic horror, lesbian erotica, horror, sci-fi, dark humour and dark realism with hideously twisted characters. Plus I read some stories where the main characters weren’t heterosexual. That was very nice and refreshing. So generally, my list is all the stuff I love to read and all the stuff I love to write too.

So yep, there’s my books for 2019. I wrote reviews on some/most. Ha! some of my reviews are miniscule and I don’t like the rating system on Goodreads. For example, 5 stars means ‘It was amazing’. Now that is quite some statement. I thought Oliver Twist was a whole heaps of things, but I wasn’t amazed. I was horrified, fascinated, blown away by the language and how it takes you to another world. I was struck by his humour and social critique and could see how it was a forerunner to a whole genre of tales, but I wasn’t literally amazed. But it does deserve a 5. So if you see a 4 or a 5, that means this book is well worth a read. If you see less than that, well, there are plenty other books in the library.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. Things to do.

Have a beautiful day, a very excellent 2020 to you, and lots of peace and love xx

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