Monkey, Delicate and Mutual

Recently there have been some lovely changes in my life. The main one being I have a new job. I was working at an art college and so I spent most of my week talking ‘creativity’ to art students. That kind of had an impact on my writing in two ways. It meant I was quite guarded about how much of myself I gave away, and it also made my blog posts sound like work. I’d write them and every time I felt like my teacher-voice was coming out. (Check out my previous post and see for yourself!) I’m hoping that now have taken a nice big fat step away from that type of role, I’ll be ale to be more myself, here, on my website.

At the art college I also ran writing classes now and again. I loved doing these and may do some again in the future (although at the moment getting used to a new job is quite enough, thanks). From the classes I started up a writing group. I set a monthly challenge- using three random words and a strict word count and then anyone who submitted would read everyone else’s work and we’d all give feedback on each other’s work. That was really fucking cool. It really helped me to write so much more and actually finish work too. The accountability of having to write for a group works for me, and honest feedback is most excellent, so I decided I will still run the group, but now I’ll be running the group from here. Here being my own personal slice of the web. Once I work out how to set up an email list/group from this website, I’ll send the random words off from here. Or I could just post as a new post every month. Either way, watch this space/page, because this is where it’ll happen from now.

So this month’s random words were: monkey, mutual and delicate. With a word count of 500 words. The deadline is TOMORROW!!!! So, in a couple of weeks, after submission and feedback, I’ll post something I wrote for this month; either the story I submitted, or something that didn’t make it to the group- depending on what mood I’m in at the time. But right now, I’ve got a story to work on, so I best get scribbling.

Peace and Love

Dane xx

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