Deprived Fleas

This week my brain was really fucked up about what to write. I’ve finally had enough of editing. I’ve been doing it for months. It was time to write new stuff but when I tried I found my imagery bank was empty. I got really annoyed with myself, plus every time I reached over to… Continue reading Deprived Fleas

A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Almost a month ago I moved house. The weekends and evening the month before moving were taken up with packing boxes. Since then my week days have been busy with the start of a new year at art college and my free time has been taken up with teaching two weekend classes, and settling in.… Continue reading A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Rainy days: Dealing with the backlog

It seems like time had just spun around into a big mess, like chewing gum in hair. So, my planned post didn't happen. Of course, I've been beating myself up about this. But then again, these things happen and we all know what happens when writer's start doing their own heads in. (Last week I dressed up all 1920s and watched The Shining for Halloween. That reminded me, 'All work and no play makes Dane go fucking mental.')