Balancing the Score and Killing my Ex-darlings

Okay, so there is that thing where lesbian writers are trying to even the score. In the past lesbian characters were merely put into stories to be killed off. It was, well, still is, seriously a thing. So there are a heap of lesbian writers who are making strong characters who win and survive, some… Continue reading Balancing the Score and Killing my Ex-darlings

The Garage (excerpt)

I bumped into her up at the Mount Vic Lookout. At first, I didn’t recognise her. ‘It's Jenny,’ she stated, pulling back her hair. ‘Fuck, so it is,’ I said. ‘Still swearing,’ she noted, rolling her eyes. ‘Of course,’ I smiled, instantly remembering some of the sweet little reasons we’d split up all those years before...

A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Almost a month ago I moved house. The weekends and evening the month before moving were taken up with packing boxes. Since then my week days have been busy with the start of a new year at art college and my free time has been taken up with teaching two weekend classes, and settling in.… Continue reading A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic