Follow the ways of Mother Earth

It's been so long since I got up early to work on a story. I'm liking this new one I started for our writing group challenge.It's been ages since I properly posted on here too. I've been in a pretty strange phase and didn't know what to post. I've been soul ruminating and reflecting big… Continue reading Follow the ways of Mother Earth

A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

Almost a month ago I moved house. The weekends and evening the month before moving were taken up with packing boxes. Since then my week days have been busy with the start of a new year at art college and my free time has been taken up with teaching two weekend classes, and settling in.… Continue reading A Change is as Good as a Rest: My peaceful inner critic

My Writing Group

I‘ve been running this group for just over a year now and seen how the other writers are becoming really good writers, which is just lovely. Plus spending time with people who write is so good.