Soaking up the horror

Soaking my brain in horror. I started reading this, The Shining, about 6 months ago and chickened out. Now I'm really into it. I know the film really well, but this is different and darker by far. The domestic violence edge is as sharp as the ghost story. Plus there's the alcoholism and losing the… Continue reading Soaking up the horror

Peace and Love

This week my head was too fried to be able to work on any creative writing, so I stepped away and worked on the other things in my life. I reworked a whole heap of my blog posts; fixed a couple of zips on two items of clothing I wear all the time; I potted… Continue reading Peace and Love

The Humour and Serendipity of the Word of the Day

In the last couple of weeks I have had a bit of a writer’s block. After working so hard on completely irradiating a full-on block in the last few years, I knew that I wasn’t really blocked, it was more that I was not being true to myself in my writing. I’ve discovered that every… Continue reading The Humour and Serendipity of the Word of the Day