Cunning vampires and sapphic sighs

Along with doing physio, getting my shoulder stronger, being at work, getting back my riding skills/strength/confidence, socialising (what seeing friends!), watering and weeding the garden, and attending my fab writing group, I've also been creating a new story.The new short story is about a mountain bike bike-packing trip, a cunning vampire, and a lesbian 'first… Continue reading Cunning vampires and sapphic sighs

Follow the ways of Mother Earth

It's been so long since I got up early to work on a story. I'm liking this new one I started for our writing group challenge.It's been ages since I properly posted on here too. I've been in a pretty strange phase and didn't know what to post. I've been soul ruminating and reflecting big… Continue reading Follow the ways of Mother Earth

A Zine for you on Winter’s Solstice (Southern Hemisphere): The Blood Bloom

A while back I fell in love with Kelly Reiherich's collage artwork. I'd been following her since her 'meat' image, which I think works so well on so many levels, but this collage image of the hand holding the heart flower really inspired me. I wrote this story to go with it. It's called The… Continue reading A Zine for you on Winter’s Solstice (Southern Hemisphere): The Blood Bloom