Why with the blogs?

I've been finding it hard to be consistent with my blog posts recently. To be honest, it’s become a drag. It's extra time away from my creative writing and what with working all week, time is precious. I’ve given it a good go. I’ve kept it up for half a year. At first it was… Continue reading Why with the blogs?

Reading and Culture: Writing my truth

Reading is one of my favourite things. I adore it. I love how a book can take me to a different time, place, or another world. I love how someone can craft a page-turner that keep you up until 2 a.m. even when you’ve got work the next day. Or a book that makes you… Continue reading Reading and Culture: Writing my truth

Who Said Writing is Free?: Spending time and money on scribbles

In one way writing is a pretty cheap thing to do; you just need a pencil and some paper, or even the ground and a stick. Of course things soon get pretty fancy; there’s nice journals, special pens, word processing programs, safe storage methods, then desks, offices, a room of one’s own. You know how… Continue reading Who Said Writing is Free?: Spending time and money on scribbles