About me

So who am I? I’m Dane Divine, a writer living in the beautiful city of Wellington, capital city of NZ. I love it here in Aotearoa. I live at the top of a crazy steep hill but nestled gently out of the wild Welly wind. There’s amazing bike trails less than 5 mins away – seriously at the end of my road in both directions, there’s the sea for summer splashing just down the hill, and on a fine day you can even see the top of the South Island from the top of the hill.

I was brought up in Plymouth, in the South West corner of Devon, UK. I left school and home at 16. I wandered away and spent time experiencing life, here and there, in other cities and towns in the UK and in Europe, but I kept ending up back in my home-town. Relatively recently I moved to the other-side of the planet. That kind of happened by accident. It was supposed to be just a holiday for a few months, but as soon as I arrived here I felt the right way up for the first time in my life, so I stayed. (Although, of course, we are on a big ball of rock spinning in space, so logically there is no up or down when looking at the planet, or left or right, if you believe the earth is flat.)

What else do you need to know? I’ve met a lot of people in my life but never write about them. I’ve also loved, lost, and managed to escape several women. I often write about an ‘ex’, but all my characters are purely fictional. Sometimes I’ll smudge one of them with a wave of colour from a person I used to know or thought I knew. But even those aspects will only be my interpretation of who or how I thought that person was, or how I wished them to be. So, all my characters are imaginary.

And the rest of me? I’m queer. More dyke than lesbian. Not really into gender, other than being queer (in the fuck the binaries kind of way) and realising it’s all a social construct which varies in different places, times and cultures. But I still define myself as a woman who loves women, because I do love women’s bodies and I love the kind of fun my body can have with another woman’s. In fact it’s one of my favourite types of fun. And, yes, I do have some good friends who identify as male and/or heterosexual. So basically it all comes down to my very Pagan beliefs which pretty much go along with the rule: Do as you will, but don’t harm anyone else.

What else? I’m mother to a very wise and beautiful young woman, and cat-mother to a feral little beast. I’ve got a lovely mountain bike. I’ve got a cute car (I learnt to drive at the tender ages of 49!). I go to the gym- mostly weight-lifting classes (for strength) and some kind of yoga (for bendiness). My day job keeps my brain busy and my mind inspired. I’ve studied lots (and lots and I’m always considering what I’ll study next, and constantly researching and learning more). I know heaps of random and interesting stuff, which I like to test every now and then at a good, beery, pub quiz. I read as much as time allows: novels, short stories, comics and graphic novels. I love tales I can’t guess the ending to, horror that truly frightens, humour that’s dry, black and funny, and sci-fi that fucks with the head. And I love a good debate about the nature of life, the universe and everything. All of this, of course, comes out in my stories. For me writing is about reflecting on everything we see, feel, and experience: the places, the ideas, the experience of being alive, the questions, the puzzles, and how we all get along so very, very well.