A Zine for you on Winter’s Solstice (Southern Hemisphere): The Blood Bloom

A while back I fell in love with Kelly Reiherich’s collage artwork. I’d been following her since her ‘meat’ image, which I think works so well on so many levels, but this collage image of the hand holding the heart flower really inspired me. I wrote this story to go with it. It’s called The Blood Bloom.

As it is winter solstice (here in the southern hemisphere), I thought I’d share it with you all.

I have made it into a zine too. It’s just a simple one page fold. I’ve added it below. Feel free to download it and print it out and fold it like a mini zine (Google: How to fold a mini zine). Or, I have ten printed out. If you’re one of the first ten to comment on this webpage, I’ll send you one in the post.

Of course, I have Kelly’s permission to use her image, and I send her love and happiness. (Thank you, Kelly). Check out her artwork on: @kellyreichardt_art and https://kellyreichardt.co.nz/

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