Ebb and Flow

It was a bit of a beautiful hazy evening last night. Even though it’s the hot part of summer, there’s was a day of delicious rain, so the tree roots were slippy on the downhill. That reminded us what riding is like in the winter. That trail has be so easy recently, hopping and rolling over the roots. But yesterday was pure slippery slippiness, with tyres full of mud. That made me dig into my bike skills box, for sure.

I’ve been outdoors as much as possible recently, on my bike, out and about, or in my garden. I’m enjoying it whilst I can. Summer ended abruptly last year, so I think I’m compensating! Plus I’m loving what I’m learning to do on my bike. I’ve always ridden but Wellington trails are so different to what I’d frequently ridden before. This year has brought a whole new language and skill set. I love it.

But my inner voice keeps hassling me to write. I do try when I get home but I’m not in the right head-space at the moment. I think it’s because the sunshine doesn’t fit with horror stories, plus my eyes are tired after work. And I’m not prioritising it. I spend a weekend here and there just focused, but it’s on the back-burner just now.

But it’s all ebb and flow. Autumn is still a way away yet, but it’ll bring a shift in how I live. It always does. First will come a time when I’m always working on and prepping the garden, then I’ll be at my desk making up stories, I just know it. And that’s the way I like to be. Flexibility and working with the rhythms of life makes me happy.

Oh, and did you see the full moon last night? Gorgeous.

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