Finding the next Truelove

How hard is it to find the right new bike? It’s like dating. You check the profiles out online, do a little digging, compare specifications, dream a little, then meet in person and try them out for size. The main difference with looking for a bike is if you don’t like the bike no one cares. It’s an easy ‘Oh well, what’s next?’ Well, okay, so I’m the same with dating, but really who cares? Better a ‘no’ than being stuck with something that doesn’t press the right button.

I’ve done so much research recently that I’ve had a total Matrix moment: ‘I know full-suspension.’ I’ve learnt the main things about choosing a bike is firstly knowing what you like to ride, where and how. I know I love rides that create some adrenaline. I love to test myself out on technical jumpy-bumpy stuff and I love to have fun. I know I love the feeling that I’ve ridden something that scared the fuck out of me a few months before. That’s awesome. Then the next step is matching your riding style to the correct specifications (again, so much like dating!).

Today I tried two more bikes. One was female specific (whatever that means) and the other was the’ regular’ bike! And there’s that androcentric heteronormativity again- the regular being male specific! Needless to say the regular version was actually a bit of a better fit, but neither was the right bike for me. They were fun to play with but I reckon I’ll go back to my initial choice. I was exactly the same when I was learning about cars and test driving them.

I’m really looking forward to finding my next Truelove but I’m in no rush. I still love my Rockhopper (aka Truelove). I’m learning to ride better every time I go out. I’m building my bike fitness and I’m having heaps of fun.

I suppose I’m the same with my writing too. I know what I like to write, I know my style and I like to try new things and push my skills there too. There’s nothing sweeter than working on an old story and getting it to finally work the way I imagined it would. It’s all practice, dedication and fun. Heaps and heaps of fun. And that’s what’s it’s all about. xx

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