Balancing the Score and Killing my Ex-darlings

Okay, so there is that thing where lesbian writers are trying to even the score. In the past lesbian characters were merely put into stories to be killed off. It was, well, still is, seriously a thing. So there are a heap of lesbian writers who are making strong characters who win and survive, some are even the lead characters in a book! Imagine! It’s so lovely to read! (Try typing ‘killing off lesbian characters’ into Google and you will find an article such as this. This was the top of the list today.)

So, my inner dyke warrior knows this and understands this, but still sometimes (often) I like to write horror. To balance things out I have made sure that if a lesbian character is killed by a horrible monster in one of my stories, it is normally ‘just an ex’ who dies and the main lesbian protagonist lives on to lead a better and happier life.

Yes, I write dark humour, and I hope my tales make you laugh. Also please note: No real lesbians were harmed in the writing of these stories.

As for reading these stories, I have posted a few of my stories on my website for your reading pleasure. There are two incredibly funny horror stories, one story that is all about healing anxiety, and another that readdresses the plight of the poor Little Mermaid. She was created during a time of utter misogyny (yes, yes, but not last week), and I figured she should learn how to stomp a little.

These stories now have their own page too, so check them out.

Much love,

Dane xx

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