Reimagining Our Stories, Ourselves: New Flash Fiction – Dragon in the Moon

This week I had another story published. I wrote it when I was younger and trying to work my way out of a whole heap of anxieties. It definitely describes a way towards healing. I’ve read the story now and again over the years to remind myself of what lies in my shadows and it always makes me smile. Recently, our monthly writing challenge had a 2000 word word count but the pieces I was working on were much smaller flash fictions, so to make up the word count I added this piece for feedback and  critique as well. The result being that the little story decided it loved being out of the drawer and in the fresh air. So when I saw the submission details for The Moon Magazine, I decided I would send the tale out into the big wide world and see how and it faired. The theme was Modern soul craft -Reimagining our stories, ourselves. My story was accepted and now it’s published. You can read it here: feel free to share.Part of me thinks it’s not like one of my regular stories, but then again it really it. It looks at what’s in our dark places and how we relate to ourselves. It’s just this one has a happy ending and contains no sci-fi, sex or blood.
I hope you like it. P.S. The image is not really a dragon, but there is an idea that chickens evolved from dinosaurs, and dragons could also have been dinosaurs, so I thought it highly appropriate.

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