Peace and Love

This week my head was too fried to be able to work on any creative writing, so I stepped away and worked on the other things in my life. I reworked a whole heap of my blog posts; fixed a couple of zips on two items of clothing I wear all the time; I potted up some plants in my garden and cleared it up a lot; I sanded a cupboard that needs fixing; I went on a march for reproductive rights with some friends (and the coffee); I went on a mellow bike ride with friends; I had dinner with other friends; and I checked out a potential new house to move to. And I watched two movies. I hadn’t done that in so long. All in all, I remembered it’s okay to relax.

The other thing I did was a full on life review. I sat down in the morning sun and made a few pros and cons lists about some key areas in my life. The summary of the lists was to take work less seriously. My day job has been taking over my headspace recently, so reminding myself that it’s only my day-job was great. I also remembered to be gentle on myself. I can be such a task master and when I’m stressed from work the first thing that suffers is my writing and recently I’ve so often come home from work unable to think, let alone write that I figured it was time I dealt with it.

So this post may be short but the message is massive. Remember to be kind to yourself and don’t take life so seriously. Life happens whether you laugh or cry, so best way is to laugh. If you can’t do that, make some changes. They don’t have to be massive changes, it can just be as simple as giving yourself some leeway. There was a song i knew years ago that had the line, “Change your head and the rest will come after.” I think it could have been Planet Gong, but whoever said it, it’s true. So, have a beautiful mellow week and see you in 7 days

Peace and love

Dane xx

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